My Top 3 MAC Nail Polishes With Dupes

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I feel everyone needs a good nail polish collection, as well as make up MAC do a nail lacquer selection. Let’s face it no one like’s a nail polish that takes ages to dry, you just want to paint your 2 coats and an optional top coat, wait a few minutes and carry on with the rest of your day and these nail lacquers are just that! They have a gloss like formula they are streak free, they claim that they don’t chip BUT I find every nail polish chips unless you have gel.  They apply beautifully and are streak free and only need 2 coats. I have only just found out that MAC have discontinued this range but I do know that places like Selfridges and Debenhams still have some available, BUT if you can’t seem to find any I have found some dupes (they are not perfect matches but are close enough!)

1. MAC Nail Lacquer In the Shade Cocktail Hour (pearl effect)

The Dupe I found that was very similar to this is the Next Nail Colour Collection in the shade Rose Gold God.

nails x 006

nails 002.JPG

2. MAC Nail Lacquer In The Shade Screaming Bright (pearl effect)

I could’t find an exact match to this as it is very unique but a colour that is VERY similar that I have is MAX FACTOR GLOSSFINITY In the shade Angel Nails.

nails x 008

 nails 003.JPG

3. MAC Nail Lacquer In the Shade Saint Germain (Cream)

A dupe that is very much a perfect match and is my favourite nail polish of all time is Models Own in the shade Malibu Pink.

nails x 010

nails 004


What colour is your nails?

Catherine x


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