Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products

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So, I was thinking, if I was asked to pick my Top 5 beauty products, what would they be? Then I thought, whats the products that I have purchased over and over again, that I know never let me down, the majority of them I use on a daily basis (the tan on a 1-2 week basis), so these are my top 5 holy grail beauty products.

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Now this is a product that I rarely hear mentioned and I think it is by far the best mascara EVER, and think it deserves a lot of credit, and that is the BOURJOIS VOLUME CLUBBING ULTRA BLACK MASCARA. I have purchased this mascara for as long as I can remember. It gives you very dramatic lashes but also lengthens them. I have tried other mascaras over the years but I always find myself going back to this one! The Average price for this is around £7.99


This product is fairly new but OH MY GOD it has climbed to the top of my favourite lipstick’s! This is the ESTEE LAUDER PURE COLOR LOVE LIPSTICK in the shade 140 Naked City. Its a perfect every day nude colour that sits lovely and comfortably on the lips and I find it last’s a good amount of time. The packaging is very sleek. I wear this everyday and get compliments every time I wear it. Its a defo must have! The average price for this lipstick is around £19

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Everybody needs this foundation in their lives! LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE BARE SKIN FOUNDATION, NATURAL LIGHT CREATOR SPF 15. I have nothing but good words to say about this foundation. Its got a medium coverage (I find it covers everything perfectly but natural at the same time)  I used to be all about the full coverage look but now I’m that bit older i’m more about a natural radiant look! It’s also oil free so it reduces the oily-ness of your skin throughout the day because if you’re like me my skin can get very oily! Overall a fantastic foundation that makes you look flawless!  The price varies for this foundation, I paid £28

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I am a TANAHOLIC I tan every week! So I have definitely tried and tested a lot of self tans. But nothing competes with St.Tropez BRONZING MOUSSE. It gives you the most natural sun kissed glowing look. I like to shave, exfoliate and all that jazz, then apply this with a mitt and sleep with it on over night, then wake up looking like I spent 2 weeks on holiday. Its that good! Don’t forget to shower when you wake up to rinse off the colour guard! This is another product that people compliment me on, asking what tan I use. It has a colour guard so you can see where you are applying it, which i find very helpful!  The price of this at boots is £30.50 but shop around you might be able to find it cheaper else where.


Finally, we have this COLORTREND FINAL TOUCH PRESSED POWDER FROM AVON IN THE SHADE TRANSLUCENT. I have re-purchased this powder since I was in high school. Where I have oily skin, this reduces the oil without looking like you’ve got a powdery face. It adds minimal coverage and is also oil-free. Online it says its has an SPF 10! I have got so many people hooked onto this product it’s that good. I also find this powder last’s such a long time. Longer than any other powders I have used in the past. It sits lovely over  foundation or on its own! This powder is £4.25


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