My In Flight Pamper Routine

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Well it’s that time of year when everyone seems to be preparing for holiday, including me! I like to plan in advance….way in advance. I’m going on my annual holiday to Florida soon and my favorite thing to organise is my travel bag! Especially my beauty regime that i like to do on the plane because the 9+ hour flight does tend to get a tad boring by tad i mean A LOT. So to make the time pass by a little quicker I like to take off my makeup and do a mini pamper routine.

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So first things first, if you plan to take makeup/beauty products on board a plane in your hand luggage you will need a clear plastic bag that holds no more than a litre and measures 20cm x 20cm, each container must only hold 100ml each product. I found this one on Ebay for around £1! So perfect for travelling! Also a must for travelling is ‘Travel Mini’s’ you can buy these in places like boots or superdrug. These are a excellent way of taking some of your favourite products on holiday with you, and if you cant find your favourite products in mini versions then you can always buy empty containers (most places sell these) and fill them up with products you already have at home, that way you take them on the flight with you. (Aren’t miniature things just the cutest thing ever). The way I get some of my ‘mini’s’ is when I purchase makeup or skin care from beauty counters, they sometimes have offers on if you “buy 2 products get this travel set free” that’s where i managed to get my LANCOME travel miniatures from. I know Clinque also do a similar offer because I purchased some skin care from them and i managed to get a free sample bag of products to try. If they don’t have any offers on where you can get some minis, then don’t be afraid to say to them would it be okay to try a sample of a product? They provide the samples in mini pots and just save them in your flight bag until you go away!

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OKAY NOW LISTEN UP MY LITTLE SWEETIES HAND SANITIZER IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND WHILST TRAVELLING. Be sure to use it whenever you feel necessary like before and after eating, before touching your face, after going to the toilet, if someone near you starts coughing or sneezing (you don’t want to catch any germs and be ill for your holiday do you?) I basically use mine 24.7 because nothing feels more clean and fresh than using hand sanitizer on board a flight. I purchase mine from Bath and Body Works when i’m on holiday in Florida, but you can find some being sold on Ebay.

beauty 001 now you are on the plane, get comfortable in your fluffy socks (a must if you are travelling long haul) and you will want to feel fresh faced for the journey, so the first thing I do is remove my makeup or if you are not wearing any make up just use a wipe to remove any dirt that may have got into the skin. I know a lot of people don’t tend to wear makeup to the airport to travel but me personally I like to put on a full face and feel glamorous walking through customs haha! I know it is not recommended to remove makeup with wipes, but on a plane you’re limited, so a wipe is the next best thing! Johnson’s face care wipes are literally my favourite wipes EVER they make your face feel really nourished after using them. So STEP 1: have a nice clean face ready to pamper!

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Now this isn’t a must but its just something else I like to do because like I said the more things I get to do on the plane the quicker the time goes. So STEP 2: Is apply a toner with a cotton wool ball, and what this does is nourishes and removes any excess dirt that the wipe may have missed. (Don’t forget to pack your cotton wool balls)

Step 3: This is probably one of the most important steps and that is to MOISTURISE. The reason for this is because with the air-conditioning being recycled on board a plane your skin can get very dry and dehydrated. So apply a moisturiser and apply it again, and again the more you apply the more hydrated your skin will be!

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With travelling long haul, and with the time difference between countries you are 100% going to be tired. So STEP 4: look after your eyes and apply an eye cream to make you look awake and fresh faced when you arrive at your destination!

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Step 5: The most easiest step of them all and my favourite one… because who doesn’t want soft juciy lips? Just like moisturising your face and eyes DON’T FORGET THOSE LIPS! Apply a balm, oil or gloss. Anything that takes your fancy for those smackers!

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I wouldn’t class this as a step because this can be done multiple times throughout the flight. Hydrating facial mist/spray. These are an excellent way of boosting the hydration in your skin, they are also very refreshing!

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The final step, but a very important one:

SMELLING GOOD. Who doesn’t want to smell good during a flight? (also when you land you want to smell like you’ve just jumped out the shower and not been stuck in the same position for hours)




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