What’s In My Makeup Bag?

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Makeup Bag 003

Makeup Bag 004

What’s In My Makeup Bag? In today’s post I am going to share with you the products I use on a day to day basis, that I know work really well for me. If I go anywhere then these are what I take with me in my handbag for touch up’s throughout the day. Some products do change during different seasons. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, so there isn’t a huge lot to talk about but none the less here it is!

Makeup Bag 005


First things first, the base. After I apply my moisturiser and primer, I like to go in with my Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation Natural Light Creator SPF 15

I wear Fake Tan, so i’m always a little bronzed so I like to apply a cream bronzer and my favourite is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel 

Makeup Bag 006


For a very light contour I use Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer  (this smells amazing, good enough to eat)

Then for all over my face I use my favourite bronzer which is the Lancome Belle De Teint Powder in the shade 06 Belle De Canelle

Makeup Bag 008

Powder And Blush 

To set my base and stop me from going oily throughout the day I use Avon Color Trend Powder in Translucent  (best powder EVER)

I like to mix two blushers, but they are very light and natural the first one I apply is MAC Powder Blush In The Shade Melba (Matte)

Then on top of that i apply INGLOT Freedom System Face Blush In 35 this has very small flecks of glitter which look very pretty

Makeup Bag 009


Here’ the one and only highlight I use and thats MAC Mineralize Skin Finish In Soft And Gentle

Makeup Bag 010

Eyelashes And Eyebrows 

My HOLY GRAIL mascara that is literally my best friend of the makeup world is BOURJOIS Volume Clubbing Ultra Black  

I don’t tend to do an awful lot to my brows, I prefer a more natural look. I still like them to look full and tidy and to do that I use NYX Tinted Brow Mascara In Brunette

Makeup Bag 011


My favourite part of makeup… Lips! I really try not to overload my makeup bag with lip products because I do tend to get carried away with lipsticks. So this is me keeping it down to a minimum.


MAC Lip Pencil In the Shade Edge To Edge

MAC Lip Pencil In The Shade Boldly Bare

Lip Balm

Body Shop Born Lippy Balm – Watermelon


Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 01

DIOR ADDICT ULTRA-GLOSS Hydra-plumping Volume Lip gloss – 004 Tiara

MAC Cremesheen Glass In Fashion Scoop (Limited Edition)


MAC Lipstick In Really Me (matte)

That’s Everything In My Makeup Bag!

Catherine x


My Top 3 MAC Nail Polishes With Dupes

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nails x 004.JPG

nails 001.JPG

I feel everyone needs a good nail polish collection, as well as make up MAC do a nail lacquer selection. Let’s face it no one like’s a nail polish that takes ages to dry, you just want to paint your 2 coats and an optional top coat, wait a few minutes and carry on with the rest of your day and these nail lacquers are just that! They have a gloss like formula they are streak free, they claim that they don’t chip BUT I find every nail polish chips unless you have gel.  They apply beautifully and are streak free and only need 2 coats. I have only just found out that MAC have discontinued this range but I do know that places like Selfridges and Debenhams still have some available, BUT if you can’t seem to find any I have found some dupes (they are not perfect matches but are close enough!)

1. MAC Nail Lacquer In the Shade Cocktail Hour (pearl effect)

The Dupe I found that was very similar to this is the Next Nail Colour Collection in the shade Rose Gold God.

nails x 006

nails 002.JPG

2. MAC Nail Lacquer In The Shade Screaming Bright (pearl effect)

I could’t find an exact match to this as it is very unique but a colour that is VERY similar that I have is MAX FACTOR GLOSSFINITY In the shade Angel Nails.

nails x 008

 nails 003.JPG

3. MAC Nail Lacquer In the Shade Saint Germain (Cream)

A dupe that is very much a perfect match and is my favourite nail polish of all time is Models Own in the shade Malibu Pink.

nails x 010

nails 004


What colour is your nails?

Catherine x

My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

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mac lipstick open 001

As i’ve mentioned before I am a lipstick hoarder and I absolutely LOVE MAC Lipsticks and over the year’s I have built up quite a collection, so here is my top 5! They are £16.50 each and there is a HUGE colour selection to choose from. Even though I do reach for other branded lipsticks as well, I always find myself popping a MAC lippy in my handbag for a ‘just in case moment’. I think they are a fantastic product for the price and I think every one deserves a treat and these are just that! Sorry that some of these are similar colour shades, it’s just the ones I lean to most.

1. Saint Germain (amplified) 

This is one of the first lipsticks I ever got from MAC and I instantly needed to buy it. It’s a barbie pink with a glossy shine. This might not be to everyone’s taste but it can be toned down and look just a beautiful, very eye catching.


This is a brown nude shade, perfect for day to day use. I don’t find it too dark, as some dark lipstick shades can look very harsh… but not this. I would highly recommend this lipstick if you are wanting to try a more natural nude shade.

3. Honeylove (matte)

So if you’re into the ‘matte’ lip look and find velvet teddy a tad bit dark then this is the shade for you! It’s another brown nude but matte. It’s one I always reach for and looks very natural. I purchased this the same time as ‘Velvet Teddy’ and have used this one way more. It doesn’t give you that dry feeling that some matte lipsticks can, it lasts a long time too, which is always a bonus.

4. Snob (satin)

This lipstick is very loved (as you can see from the pic). If you find Saint Germain too bright then this is a natural version, it’s a muted baby pink colour. I find it will compliment any skin tone and can be worn both during the day or evening and goes with most makeup looks. The satin finish gives a semi matte look with a sheen and is easy to wear on the lips. I don’t find it long wearing though, I do have to reapply this often throughout the day.

 5. Blankety (amplified) 

I’ve saved this lipstick until last because it’s my most loved FAVOURITE MAC Lipstick. It’s a lipstick that you can throw on and instantly feel glamorous! I have so many good things to say about it. It’s permanently in my handbag as its the perfect shade to put on when you’re out and about, and goes with anything and everything. I don’t even use a liner when applying this. I like that it’s amplified because it give’s your lips a shiny creamy look and is so comfortable to wear and is an easy to touch up lipstick.


Whats your favourite MAC lipstick?

Catherine x

My Holiday Essentials

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essentials 013

If you’re jet-setting away on holiday or even just for your summer essentials these are the things that I think you will definitely need for hot, sunny weather.

holiday essentials 001 (2)

The first rule when it comes to summer is to slap on the SUN CREAM! There’s nothing more important that looking after your skin during the hottest months of the year or whilst on holiday, in fact you should protect your skin all year round with an SPF! But these one’s are special, these literally smell like holiday to me. The Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Spray (SPF 30) (left) smells like coconut and mango, paradise right? Its fast absorbing and non greasy. The Hawaiian Tropic Cream (SPF 25) (right) is the original coconut smell BUT…WAIT FOR IT…. IT’S GOT SHIMMER! So you can look like a mermaid laying on the beach. This sun lotion highlights your skin tone and makes you look like you are glowing from within.  NOTE: I do not apply these to my face…..

holiday essentials 002 (2)

….these are the products i apply to my face! You shouldn’t wear anything less than SPF 50 on your face. You really want to make sure that you protect the skin to prevent skin damage and premature ageing.  This one is pocket size so its perfect for popping in your handbag. On a evening i like to apply ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil. This gives your face a natural, radiant, glowing bronzed look that doesn’t cause any damage (LIKE THE SUN CAN!)  holiday essentials 003.JPG

Moving on from protecting your skin and face, you should also protect your eyes. You don’t need to spend a lot on sunglasses in my opinion, these ones are from Primark and they cost £3 each! They have UV protection which is a must.

If you’re sunbathing on the beach, relaxing around the pool or sightseeing, the heat of the sun can sometimes make you feel a bit sticky and in need of a quick freshen up. These products do just that. The Boots Cucumber Cleansing Wipes are a instant re-fresh, you don’t just have to use these on your face, you can use them anywhere on your body. I like the cucumber ones because the cucumber can be cooling. Another cool down product can be facial mists.  They are probably the quickest way to cool your face down but add instant moisture. I like to switch between The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Mist, and the Lush EAU ROMA WATER.

holiday essentials 005

So you’ve had your day out on the beach and taken your evening shower and are now ready to moisturise that sun kissed skin. Applying a body butter daily prevents you from having dry skin and peeling and it also locks in your tan. It keeps you nourished and moisturised and smelling good. I like to use The Body Shop Coconut Nourishing Body Butter in the largest size as I find it lasts for the duration of the holiday.

holiday essentials 006

You will start to see a coconut theme going on here, but nothing smells like holiday more to me than coconut. This is the Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Fragrance Mist in the scent Warm Sand & Creamy Coconut. I don’t really like wearing perfumes on holiday because 1. it can attract the bugs and 2. some perfumes can come across too heavy for a holiday. So a fragrance mist is perfect, they come across so light a refreshing.

holiday essentials 007

These are little but mighty! The don’t only look cool but they also prevent hair breakage and kinking. I purchase mine from Primark and Accessorize.

holiday essentials 008

If you don’t like wearing a lipstick during the day on holiday then a great alternative is this little beauty! It’s the Clarin’s Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in 02 Raspberry. It gives you a glossy juicy lip effect and smells divine. It’s packed with plant oil’s to nourish your lips.

holiday essentials 010

I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup on holiday I much prefer the fresh faced look, but I do like to wear my Lancome Belle De Teint Natural Healthy Glow Sheer Blurring Powder. I  purchased this in a few shades darker in the shade 06 Belle De Teint and use it as a very light natural bronzer. Bronzers are a perfect way to enhance a sun kissed tan.

Tholiday essentials 011

This is probably one of the most important items I take on holiday. This is an iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case/pouch. I find it very reassuring using this as it is 100% sand and waterproof! The best bit is you can take pictures under water with it. You can still use the touchscreen on your phone with the case on. You can get these cases for all different phone types and I purchased mine from Ebay.



Top 5 Holy Grail Beauty Products

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beauty 038

So, I was thinking, if I was asked to pick my Top 5 beauty products, what would they be? Then I thought, whats the products that I have purchased over and over again, that I know never let me down, the majority of them I use on a daily basis (the tan on a 1-2 week basis), so these are my top 5 holy grail beauty products.

beauty 039



Now this is a product that I rarely hear mentioned and I think it is by far the best mascara EVER, and think it deserves a lot of credit, and that is the BOURJOIS VOLUME CLUBBING ULTRA BLACK MASCARA. I have purchased this mascara for as long as I can remember. It gives you very dramatic lashes but also lengthens them. I have tried other mascaras over the years but I always find myself going back to this one! The Average price for this is around £7.99


This product is fairly new but OH MY GOD it has climbed to the top of my favourite lipstick’s! This is the ESTEE LAUDER PURE COLOR LOVE LIPSTICK in the shade 140 Naked City. Its a perfect every day nude colour that sits lovely and comfortably on the lips and I find it last’s a good amount of time. The packaging is very sleek. I wear this everyday and get compliments every time I wear it. Its a defo must have! The average price for this lipstick is around £19

beauty 033


Everybody needs this foundation in their lives! LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE BARE SKIN FOUNDATION, NATURAL LIGHT CREATOR SPF 15. I have nothing but good words to say about this foundation. Its got a medium coverage (I find it covers everything perfectly but natural at the same time)  I used to be all about the full coverage look but now I’m that bit older i’m more about a natural radiant look! It’s also oil free so it reduces the oily-ness of your skin throughout the day because if you’re like me my skin can get very oily! Overall a fantastic foundation that makes you look flawless!  The price varies for this foundation, I paid £28

beauty 034


I am a TANAHOLIC I tan every week! So I have definitely tried and tested a lot of self tans. But nothing competes with St.Tropez BRONZING MOUSSE. It gives you the most natural sun kissed glowing look. I like to shave, exfoliate and all that jazz, then apply this with a mitt and sleep with it on over night, then wake up looking like I spent 2 weeks on holiday. Its that good! Don’t forget to shower when you wake up to rinse off the colour guard! This is another product that people compliment me on, asking what tan I use. It has a colour guard so you can see where you are applying it, which i find very helpful!  The price of this at boots is £30.50 but shop around you might be able to find it cheaper else where.


Finally, we have this COLORTREND FINAL TOUCH PRESSED POWDER FROM AVON IN THE SHADE TRANSLUCENT. I have re-purchased this powder since I was in high school. Where I have oily skin, this reduces the oil without looking like you’ve got a powdery face. It adds minimal coverage and is also oil-free. Online it says its has an SPF 10! I have got so many people hooked onto this product it’s that good. I also find this powder last’s such a long time. Longer than any other powders I have used in the past. It sits lovely over  foundation or on its own! This powder is £4.25

My In Flight Pamper Routine

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iphone 690.JPG

Well it’s that time of year when everyone seems to be preparing for holiday, including me! I like to plan in advance….way in advance. I’m going on my annual holiday to Florida soon and my favorite thing to organise is my travel bag! Especially my beauty regime that i like to do on the plane because the 9+ hour flight does tend to get a tad boring by tad i mean A LOT. So to make the time pass by a little quicker I like to take off my makeup and do a mini pamper routine.

iphone 692.JPG

So first things first, if you plan to take makeup/beauty products on board a plane in your hand luggage you will need a clear plastic bag that holds no more than a litre and measures 20cm x 20cm, each container must only hold 100ml each product. I found this one on Ebay for around £1! So perfect for travelling! Also a must for travelling is ‘Travel Mini’s’ you can buy these in places like boots or superdrug. These are a excellent way of taking some of your favourite products on holiday with you, and if you cant find your favourite products in mini versions then you can always buy empty containers (most places sell these) and fill them up with products you already have at home, that way you take them on the flight with you. (Aren’t miniature things just the cutest thing ever). The way I get some of my ‘mini’s’ is when I purchase makeup or skin care from beauty counters, they sometimes have offers on if you “buy 2 products get this travel set free” that’s where i managed to get my LANCOME travel miniatures from. I know Clinque also do a similar offer because I purchased some skin care from them and i managed to get a free sample bag of products to try. If they don’t have any offers on where you can get some minis, then don’t be afraid to say to them would it be okay to try a sample of a product? They provide the samples in mini pots and just save them in your flight bag until you go away!

beauty 008

OKAY NOW LISTEN UP MY LITTLE SWEETIES HAND SANITIZER IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND WHILST TRAVELLING. Be sure to use it whenever you feel necessary like before and after eating, before touching your face, after going to the toilet, if someone near you starts coughing or sneezing (you don’t want to catch any germs and be ill for your holiday do you?) I basically use mine 24.7 because nothing feels more clean and fresh than using hand sanitizer on board a flight. I purchase mine from Bath and Body Works when i’m on holiday in Florida, but you can find some being sold on Ebay.

beauty 001

Okay..so now you are on the plane, get comfortable in your fluffy socks (a must if you are travelling long haul) and you will want to feel fresh faced for the journey, so the first thing I do is remove my makeup or if you are not wearing any make up just use a wipe to remove any dirt that may have got into the skin. I know a lot of people don’t tend to wear makeup to the airport to travel but me personally I like to put on a full face and feel glamorous walking through customs haha! I know it is not recommended to remove makeup with wipes, but on a plane you’re limited, so a wipe is the next best thing! Johnson’s face care wipes are literally my favourite wipes EVER they make your face feel really nourished after using them. So STEP 1: have a nice clean face ready to pamper!

beauty 002

Now this isn’t a must but its just something else I like to do because like I said the more things I get to do on the plane the quicker the time goes. So STEP 2: Is apply a toner with a cotton wool ball, and what this does is nourishes and removes any excess dirt that the wipe may have missed. (Don’t forget to pack your cotton wool balls)

Step 3: This is probably one of the most important steps and that is to MOISTURISE. The reason for this is because with the air-conditioning being recycled on board a plane your skin can get very dry and dehydrated. So apply a moisturiser and apply it again, and again the more you apply the more hydrated your skin will be!

beauty 006

With travelling long haul, and with the time difference between countries you are 100% going to be tired. So STEP 4: look after your eyes and apply an eye cream to make you look awake and fresh faced when you arrive at your destination!

beauty 010

Step 5: The most easiest step of them all and my favourite one… because who doesn’t want soft juciy lips? Just like moisturising your face and eyes DON’T FORGET THOSE LIPS! Apply a balm, oil or gloss. Anything that takes your fancy for those smackers!

beauty 003

I wouldn’t class this as a step because this can be done multiple times throughout the flight. Hydrating facial mist/spray. These are an excellent way of boosting the hydration in your skin, they are also very refreshing!

beauty 009

The final step, but a very important one:

SMELLING GOOD. Who doesn’t want to smell good during a flight? (also when you land you want to smell like you’ve just jumped out the shower and not been stuck in the same position for hours)